The Loveliness of the Process

Posted by Wayne Sheppard On November - 27 - 2011

If it weren’t for the loveliness of the process, what would this be all worth?  As an unknown, unrepresented Indie author it can sometimes bring a feeling of despair, until, I remember the many wonderful, gracious, kind, supportive, beautiful people I meet along the way.

An art teacher of mine at Ohio State University back in 1968 was the first person to say to me,,,”Don’t put too much value on the creative product, rather realize that the process is what is valuable.” He was ahead of his time in the sense that we read advice today in books like The Power of Now by Eckhard Tolle in which we are encouraged not to think past or future, but right now. That sometimes seems much easier said than done, but when you experience some of the pristine moments of practicing that conscious choice, it makes you want to live in those moments more often than not. Remember though, be kind to yourself. Our habits (especially ones of negativity) are strong, so for some of us it takes extra conscientious effort to be in The Now.

The writing experience teaches me gratitude and appreciation more than anything else. I thank each and every person, animal and plant that has been a friend along the way. We are all truly interconnected but many of us just haven’t perceived that reality yet. Those moments when eyes meet with acceptance and we see only soul friendship and not race, religion, politics, or  the costumes we wear to state who we are, we are joined in Spirit as it should be. Those moments are truly the elixir and essence of the loveliness of the ongoing life process.


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