That Special Place

Posted by Wayne Sheppard On December - 1 - 2011

There’s that special place in all of us that is pure and loving and good. Its the place where politics, dogmatic opinionated religious divisive beliefs (as opposed to true spirituality) cannot enter. Some might refer to it as the Christ within. Others might say its the pristine place in the citadel of our highest expression. I am the happiest as a person here in this world when I express from that place. It becomes clearer to me that love, true love for everyone, including ourselves is an inviolable powerful force for the good of all. It is a high frequency expression. Traveling from moment to moment in that vehicle of  dwelling is a wonderful experience. It by no means means that one is oblivious to the reality happening around us, or is it the illusion we perceive rather than the cosmic reality? Suffering, victimization, abuse, is by the grace of God only temporary, no matter how omnipotent or all consuming its seems to be to us at the time. The light is always present in the midst of the darkest moments of our experience. When we look to the light, the darkness must diminish. When I’ve struggled with feelings I’ve had sometimes, especially when I’ve had some not so kind thoughts, and have inquired  of God in those moments I have been reminded and advised of a very simple but pure verity,  “Just Love.” When we come from that place other than from condemning judgment, we come from the refuge of that special place.

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