The Interesting Phenomenon Called “Time”

Posted by Wayne Sheppard On April - 4 - 2012

Perhaps the only line I remember from the old TV Kung Fu series is when Master Po said to the young Kwai Chang Caine, “The soul knows not time, only growth.”  Undoubtedly it is an ancient saying but I won’t take the time here to document its actual origin. I truly have come to believe that time is not a constant, but also speeds up and slows down. Ancient martial artists (and some present day ones) were able to alter time at least in the perceptions of lesser developed opponents such that what appeared to be taking place in real time, and at lightening speed, was being planned out and executed within a different slower time frame. In another sense perhaps a skilled practitioner can willfully enter into such an altered state so as to have plenty of time to dodge a bullet quite easily. Previously, this may have been dismissed as science fiction or fantasy, but quantum mechanics will inevitably prove (in a way that is acceptable to those requiring proof through scientific method) that time can be altered and that thought can and does move matter. The implication? All of our thoughts “matter” and have a powerful positive or negative effect on more than we realize. Angry at someone? Depressed? Happy? Hopeful? Your expression of emotion alters  experience not only for you but for others as well.

Well regardless of all of the above, time seems different to all of us. Late for an important date? Doesn’t seem like enough time to get to your destination? Dreading that court appearance that mom and dad don’t know about? Wow how could a month seem like a year? Waiting to hear from the literary agent about your new novel? How did a year turn into almost three???

So what to do with this conjecture and at least partially provable information? Go through time, each moment with gratitude and appreciation. Did you screw up a situation? Don’t condemn yourself. Simply thank God and be grateful that you have arrived at yet another amazing moment in linear time, each second a totally unique,  fresh, brand new beginning that never was and never will be again. What do I know really ? In time it will all be made clear. In the meantime, don’t waste time worrying about it:)




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