Deeper Meaning in a Wave

Posted by Wayne Sheppard On April - 17 - 2012

Its wonderful to discover things in our nature that contribute to our not losing faith in humanity. Over many months now, as I take walks on our back country roads, a very interesting thing occurs again and again. It is a very special form of communication known as “the wave.”

As cars, vans, trucks, and pick-up trucks come toward me, I walk onto the shoulder. Almost every single vehicle not only moves away from from me but sometimes cross completely into the other lane in what I will interpret as a special show of consideration. (This is of course if no one is coming in the opposite direction, and then the driver coming towards me seems to patiently slow way down until the other car passes.) There are a few drivers now and then consumed in a cell phone conversation that sometimes do not give an inch (fortunately there’s the shoulder I mentioned), but most do. It is in that moment of passing that I will nod a thank you, but sometimes I will stick up a hand and wave a thank you. Almost every single time, male or female, young or old, the driver immediately waves back.  In that split second of a friendly wave there is no Democrat or Republican, there is no Christian, Muslim, Jew or Atheist , no brand name clothing comparison (at least I don’t think anyone looks for that), no “I’m too busy”, no “don’t acknowledge a stranger.”   In just that split second, a wordless but meaningful -on -some- level communication take place, a second in time of kindness, courtesy, and possibly even genuine recognition of “another member of the world family.” I believe inherently we do care. A “wave” reminds us that we can still communicate from the heart, no words necessary.

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