Let it Unfold She said

Posted by Wayne Sheppard On October - 20 - 2011

Hazel, my wife, best friend and so much more said to me a few years ago, Let it Unfold. She saw my sincere passion but impatient self trying to make things happen that weren’t ready to happen yet. If you will believe it, the kindly  spirit of Dr. George Washington Carver  also spoke to me (in the shower interestingly enough) with the words “Slow Down Boy” a little over a year ago. So in some respects I’ve slowed down and in others I have been inspired to reach out locally into the community where I reside and plant seeds and spread the word of a story that will be uplifting to a pained world.

So it begins, some visitations at local libraries, an upcoming WCPN 90.3 radio interview with Dee Perry on Around Noon,  a coordinated book signing at the Learned Owl Book Shop in Hudson, Ohio November 17th at 7PM, and an “on screen” interview with Todd Volkmer on www.ArtsQuestTV.com sometime in mid to late November.  So thank all of you for your good wishes and words of encouragement as we will Let it Unfold.


With A Little Help From My Friends

Posted by Wayne Sheppard On October - 3 - 2011

We should never think we ever do anything of our selves. The author of Universal love is known  by many names and the Spirit helps us more than we know. In the physical we have our visible friends. We are interconnected more than we know. Frodo would have never made it without his dear friend Samwise Gamgee by his side and the host of thousands that he never saw,  many dying such that he could complete the task that would affect all of Middle Earth. Even the pathetic Gollum played such an important part in the whole journey.  Once again we are interconnected more than we realize and in reality no one is our enemy. Our only foe is egotism, but by the grace of God we can overcome.

Keeping The Faith

Posted by Wayne Sheppard On September - 5 - 2011

One of the easiest things to do is to believe you’re keeping the faith. Living it is a world of difference. I just watched an Oprah Master Class (again) today about Oprah’s climb to “success.”  People often don’t realize what an actual “climb” it is. Not only are there amazing life challenges along the way but even after you think you’ve surrendered to God, The Spirit will kindly show you when you haven’t, but just thought you did.  I will keep the Faith in regards to getting this story to Oprah. It will happen in God’s time. In the meantime I will do my best to be receptive to inspiration. I thank those of you that have good will for this story to become a motion picture. Your affection and support is very much appreciated.

Another Little Talk with Mr. Winfrey

Posted by Wayne Sheppard On August - 20 - 2011

When Hazel and I met Mr. Winfrey for a second time May 2 and gave him a copy of the novel, we had some very wonderful quiet time with him. At the time his words were “I don’t want to send this to Oprah in the mail, its too complicated. I’ll hand it to her personally the next time I see her.”

Yesterday August 19, we talked for a little while once again. He is a very kind and readily accessible person. He usually answers the phone himself.  He shared the fact that his new barbershop was less than a month away from being completed. I told him that above and beyond celebrity it was very nice spending time with him back in May. I told him once again of my heart of hearts belief that Oprah would embrace the character of Leopa Williams as she embodies both the spiritual values of Oprah and the love of teaching. I asked him if his wife (Barb) had had a chance to look over the book. He wasn’t sure but said he’d “look into it over the weekend.”  I don’t know what will become of this but I do know he is a very nice man and I can’t even imagine how many calls he may recieve and how many letters, gifts, etc. are given to him over time. I’ll continue the faith that the book will get into Oprah’s hands eventually, one way or another, in God’s time

Patience in the Late Term

Posted by Wayne Sheppard On June - 2 - 2011

Several years ago I woke up in the middle of the night and heard these words very loud in my mind: THIS CHILD WANTS TO BE BORN.

So here I am a very creatively pregnant male sharing the emotions I believe pregnant women the world over have shared: You are in your final month of pregnancy (In my case the eighth year). You are joyful at the prospect of something beautiful you hope to help usher into the world, but you are also at times very weary and emotionally vulnerable as you are really more than ready for the birth to take place. It is sometimes a real challenge to hold on to the fact that “it will happen in God’s time, not mine.”

So thank all of you for the ongoing good will.

Burden of Privilege…..The Movie?

Posted by Wayne Sheppard On May - 27 - 2011

Dear friends, as an artist and teacher in addition to being a first time author, my heart’s desire and dream vision from the start 8 years ago was to have a book that could be used as a source to be adapted as a motion picture. In the last  four years as I have met so many wonderful people from William Carver Lennard, Ptolemy Tompkins, Pam Montgomery and of course Mr. Vernon Winfrey, to name only some,  the dream is moving closer to becoming a reality. Oprah, as some of you may know has stated more than once that she would love to act in additional meaningful movie roles and is now also interested in Broadway.

As I build contacts and friendships I have the Faith that Oprah and many others will get behind this project.  I envision Oprah playing the lead female role of 84 year old Leopa Williams, Tuskegee U. professor emerita who while in her early twenties was  entrusted with special secrets about nature from her beloved teacher and friend George Washington Carver months before he died in 1943.  Oprah’s character Leopa  becomes the spiritual mentor to Geoffrey Collins and his fiancee’ Eva.  Want to know more about the dream cast I have in mind? Please let me know. Any suggestions or advice will be gratefully received. I consider all of you an important part of the process. Thanks!